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Here in Novak Djokovic Fan Club are to share all the info about Nole.

This started like a group on facebook, and thanks to all the support we are bigger everyday.

Novak Djokovic Fan Club Team:

Founder and President:
I’m Silvina Funes. I’m from Argentina. I’ve been Novak’s fan since he won the 2008 AO title, his first Grand Slam, because that was the first year that I had cable, and I was able to see tennis. I love his game, and I love his good mood, and how he enjoys tennis, every second he is on the court, and I love his imitations! And of course, I love his smile and his eyes (well basically I love everything about him).

Visual Artist:
I am Karadjordje, I’m 19 days older than Nole. I’m Serb, born in Serbian Republic I lived in Greece for 17 years and now I am in Sweden. I’m graphic and 3D designer, I’m making graphics for Novak Djokovic Fan Club.

Manager, Team Leader Mexico and Designer:

Im Aida Rios from Mexico, 28 years old, I’ve a professional degree as an architect, and my goal is to be a great interior designer. I became a fan of Novak, when I saw the video in the locker room during the U.S. Open ’07 doing his great impersonations, was a crush, then to know him better, captivated me even more his spontaneous personality, honesty, spirit and clearlyhis excellent game. In general terms, I do the best I can to be a great fan and he always feel our unconditional support. (Besides waiting for him here in mexico)

Manager and Team Leader Mexico:
I´m Jeannine Silva.

Team Leader France:
My name is Marianne Bégin, I have 24years (soon 25 ^^) and I live in France. I work with children in a school.
In 2006, I discovered Novak at TV, during his first Roland Garros. This young player with a brillant future. Simple, passionate and very kind with his fans around the world, every time. Every of these match is lived on social networks with all the #NoleFam in different languages! A great time together!
One of my dreams is he wins Roland Garros. It’s always a great time when he comes to France (Roland Garros or Master of Bercy). More, he speaks French better and better 🙂

Team Leader Spain:
I´m Georgina.

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