Giveaway: You can win a card signed by Novak Djokovic

Hello Nolefam, it ´s been a while since we posted here on our website. We are sorry for that. But today we are back and we a gift for you!!

Thanks to our lovely member Kenia we are able to make this giveaway. Kenia was lucky enough to be at Cincy Tennis when Nole won the Golden Masters. We are going to choose a winner from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Rules are at the end of the post.

Hello #Nolefam,

As you may know our family spent a dream week at #CincyTennis supporting Nole. As a tradition since 2013 we created different signs for him everyday. He was thankful for our support. We have so many dream memories this year as #Nolefam. We want to share with you a few. I teamed with #NovakFanClub so we can send to three lucky fans the following prizes:

1.Tournament Card Set and Tournament calendar.
2.Tournament Card Set and tournament calendar.
3. One First Prize that includes: Tournament Card set, Tournament Calendar and One autographed Novak Djokovic Card.

We are happy to share a little bit of that dream week at #CincyTennis where Nole completed the Golden Masters and won his first Cincy Tournament.

#Nolehugs to all of you!

Rules: You have to answer this question on our posts about the giveaway on our different social networks:
What was the score of the final in Cincinatti when Nole won the Golden Master? #novakfanclubgiveaway
Deadline: Sunday September 9th 2018 at 6pm Argentina time (Serbia 11pm)
The winners will be choose at random.
Good luck Nolefam!!!!

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