Novak Djokovic to work with Agassi and Ancic at Wimbledon 2017

Nole confirmed that Andre Agassi will join him in Wimbledon and also revealed that former Wimbledon semi-finalist Ancic will join his team for the grass court season – and potentially beyond.

“You know, Mario was the perfect guy”. “He was definitely on top of my list. And Andre agrees, as well.
“We have talked, obviously with Andre first, and we have made a conclusion that we need someone, you know, next to Andre that is going to be maybe more frequently with me and more often on the small tournaments or maybe some practice weeks and so forth. We don’t have, Mario and I, any long-term commitment. He was pre-scheduled to be in London for his own commitments, so he’s going to use the opportunity to be with me. So whether we’re going to build from there a long-term relationship or not, we’ll see.”

Agassi told “THe Guardian”: “I wouldn’t say that at all. Can a guy like this objectively find his way back to the trophy? Heck, yeah he could. Of course that could happen. That’s the plan, that’s always the plan – to get better – and the belief in winning has to be yours and yours alone. I think there’s enough momentum that could build to give that particular dream, hope or objective a real shot.”

“I know him so much better now than I did coming in and that’s so important. I can effectively say there is belief in what the plan is and how we’re going to go about it. It will get more nuanced and layered as we go – it’s problem solving and I am enjoying learning, I’m enjoying giving some tools and I have the utmost belief that it’s going to make him once again the best of who he is.”


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