4th #NOLEFAMDAY Summary

Hello Nolefam!!! We want to thank you for all your work you did for our 4th NOLEFAMDAY!
We are always so touched with your words of love for our Nole and for the rest of the nolefam. This year Nole presented his new project #MeetNolefam to celebrate #nolefamday . We can´t wait to see what that project is about 🙂
Here is what he wrote about it, and we love him each day more because he is always thinking about his nolefam and give back the love we give him all year long.

You can see some of the things fan made on our social networks using the hashtag #nolefamday:

Nolefamday 2017

On our facebook album

Here are some stadictics of the #nolefamday :

11,367,597 impressions according to tweetbinder.

On twitter #nolefamday interaction by country:

USA 18.52%
Serbia 13.64%
Bosnia and Herzogovina 10.91%
Argentina 8.99%
Mexico 7.41%
UK 5%
France 3.18%
Greece 2.27%
Mozambique 2.91%
Brazil 1.85%
Philippines 1.46%
South Africa 1.32%
India 1.36%
Italy 1.36%
Germany 0.46%
United Arab Emirates 0.91%
Sweden 0.45%
Poland 0.45%
Pakistan 0.45%
China 0.45%
Japan 0.45%
Malaysia 0.45%
Spain 0.45%
Canada 4.23%
Costa Rica 0.53%
Honduras 0.79%
Dominican Rep 0.53%
Venezuela 0.79%
Colombia 0.53%
Ecuador 0.53%
Peru 0.53%
Bolivia 0.26%
Chile 0.53%
Gabon 0.26%
Egypt 0.53%
Saudi Arabia 0.26%

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