We celebrate our 6th Anniversary!

We can´t believe we are celebrating our 6th Anniversary already!!

We are really thankful for the support Novak and Jelena showed us during all these years, and we are also thankful to all the fans that each day check our page or our social networks.
To celebrate we decided to re-open the aplications to be members and Team Leaders of some countries.

Also in order to celebrate our Anniversary we decided to make a timeline of our more important moments with Novak and Jelena, and with our projects. We will start this journey with 2 of one of the best moments: The day Nole follow us on twitter (March 2011) and also when Jelena did it in 2013.

And we can`t forget to thank:
Karadjordje for designed us a lot of great things, you are very talented!
Aleksandar Stojanovic for be one of the first journalist to take us in count.
Georgina, our Team Leader Spain, thanks for your lovely videos
Marianne (Team Leader France), thank you for always helping us from the begining. You are incredible always looking the chance to be close to Nole and talk about our fan club.
Ryan Macaulay, thanks for be the first one to trust us and invite us to cover an event that helps people who need it.
Dusan Vemic, there are no words to describe your support for us. You and Mirjana means a lot to all the NDFC Team.
Jeannine and Aida, our vice-president and Team Leaders Mexico, without you we couldn`t be the Dream Team
Thanks Christine Wong for your amazing workfor NolefamDay in Australia 2015 and never miss one of our project.
Kenia for your amazing work during Cincinnati and your donation with the cards from the tournament to give aways.
We also want to thanks to Marcela Carranza, Aleksa, Martha Manrique, Weng Garcia, YolitaTennis, Carole Bouchard, etc… there are so many people that we would like to thank but we don`t have time to name to all the ones that help us to improve every year since we started with this.

March 9 2011
March 9 2011
March 9 2011
March 9 2011

One of the best moments was listening talk about our website


Nole 24 Bday

Aleksander Stojanovic present the video with messages from fans we collected on RTS (serbian national tv) in the morning program.

Thanks to BATennis we got the chance to cover Davis Cup tie with 2 of our members



Our Team Leader was in the filming of the Head Commercial with Maria and Nole. Photoas here


Nole 25th Birthday

Novak Djokovic Fan Club on Aleksandar Stojanovic ´s show for RTS. Second time we appeared on RTS

Our Team Leader Colombia, Eduardo gave to Miljan a special shirt from the fan club for Nole

Nole visitis Brasil and gets our credencial thanks to one of our member

#NoleFamNovember5th Project No.1vak

Interview with Our Team Leader Monaco

This video shows which feelings we have during your matches and how many years we have already been with you! You mean everything to us. Video made by Our Team Leader Germany

Nolefam Trophy in Indian Wells


Nole talked about the trophy we gave him in Miami Open Press Conference

Nolefam birthday chain.. Happy Birthday Nole!

When Nole visited Argentina and met our President we prepared a big surprise for Nole: we collected messages from fans all around the world. The fans sent real letters to Buenos Aires so Nole now has a lot of hand writing letters from his nolefam. Photos here

Our President finally meets Nole:


Our member Marcela gave Nole messages from fans, check the album here

Desert Smash

Interview in Desert Smash with Nole

Obe of the best moments for us it walsys the day we decided to celebrate Nole and us, his nolefam that he loves so much. We are always blown away with how many of you participate with your lovelies messages. Summary


Fernando Verdasco interview with Novak Djokovic Fan Club during Desert Smash 2015

Our Team Leader Mirjana Sladic interviewed Ryan Macaulay(Founder Desert Smash Event that raise money to help Cancer for College)

Novak Djokovic Fan Club coverage of Desert Smash 2015 including Justin Bieber

2nd NolefamDay

Fans together in Australia Open
Nolefam in Australia - 01


2nd Nolefamday summary

Messages collected for our 2nd #NolefamDay.

Nole receives the cd with the messages from NolefamDay at Wimbledon aired on BBC live

One of our members went to Cincinatti and Nole liked her poster and took a photo of it (her son is holding the photo)

3rd NolefamDay

Art from fans on our facebook


Nole Birthday Card

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