Novak Djokovic Press Conference at Miami Open:

Novak started his press conference at Miami Open apologizing about being late because he was talking with Billie Jean King and Chris Evert. Nole said Billie did a lot for the sport and that she reminds him about his former coach Jelena Gencic.

Nole felt the need to clarify his statements about equal prize money and gender that got twisted in a lot of medias: “I need that everybody understands that my intention for not one single second were wrong. I feel very sorry if in any way I hurt my female colleague tennis players. I have a good relationship with them, a huge respect for all of them. Because of the position and status I have, I feel I need to take responsibility and make myself available for young players (both men and female) to give them support and advice and help them in any way possible”
“When I said about the distribution of the wealth in the sport, I don´t make a difference in the amount of the gender. My beliefs are completely in line with gender equality and equal opportunities, we all are part of the same sport, we all contribute in our own special, unique ways. That is all I have to say.”

About Billie Jean King: “We talked about the opportunities tennis players has, her beginnings and mine, we had a nice chat”.

“I spoke with Andy (Murray), Serena (Williams), Ana (Ivanovic), Caro (Wozniacki), anybody that I know just to make sure they understand that I never had the intention to offend them or to come up with bad connotation in my statements”. “I was surprised and shocked with what kind of proportions this entire situation got in the media during the last couple of days. That is why I felt the need today to share with you again and clarify my view.”

“There were not bad intentions. Probably people understood it in a wrong way because I did not express myself well.”

About Raymond Moore ´s comments: “Of course they are inapropiate and unfortunaly many people got the wrong idea and thought of my statement be in something in line with his statements. I ´m glad I have the opportunity to clarify it and I hope everybody understands it now”.

Our Team Leader Mirjana was there and she had the chance to first congratulate him for his 5th Title and asked what makes Miami Open different from other Masters 1000 tournaments: “Miami has been a tournament with a long tradition and history and I think the crowd, the audience is very passionate about sports, about tennis, very international, especially lot of south americans, very passionate , very caring and loving people. They appreciate what you do, you coming here, they love watching class tennis. For me Miami Tournament represents something special because it was the first big tournament that I won back in 2007 and helped me believe , built my self-belief and confidence in the rest of my career.”

Nole also talked about the Olympics: “I ´m very excited to come to Rio for the Olympics games, I was there once in 2012 when I played an exhibition with Guga Kuerten and I have the most beautiful experience there. Marcelo Melo is one of my favorites guys on he tour, he is very genuine, very funny and obviously a great player and I was very glad to see him get to the N°1 in the world … I m hoping the brazilian experience for us this summer in Rio be successful and amazing. People are very friendly and welcoming, they love sports. I am going to be very proud to be there.

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