Novak to face Roger in his4 th Wimbledon final


Novak Djokovic defeated Richard Gasquet 7-6 (2), 6-4, 6-4 in two hours and 21 minutes to reach his 4th Wimbledon final.

Novak took a 2-0 lead, but Gasquet broke back immediately. The 2011 and 2014 winner withstood some great tennis from the Frenchman before Gasquet’s level dropped during the first set tie-breaker, which the Serbian won 7-2.
Djokovic broke early in the second and third sets and never looked in trouble till the end of the match.


About his match vs Gasquet: “The first set was really close. I thought Richard played some really good tennis, especially from the backhand side. It was really difficult for me at times to play any kind of ball to his backhand side because he was really going for it, especially along the line. He made a lot of winners. He used the chipped backhand, slice variety as well. As I said, it was very close, but that was probably the turning point. Winning the first set tiebreak was psychologically very helpful for the rest of the match.”


About being in the final:“Look, it’s finals of Wimbledon and it’s the most important match that any player, tennis player, can have. I’m going to get myself prepared for whatever is expecting me on the court.
It’s not the first time that I’ll experience this particular feeling. I’m going to try to use the experience from the fast in order to get myself in a right state of mind.”


About his shoulder: “Woke up with a stiff left shoulder. Just received some changeover treatment. It wasn’t really a medical timeout. Nothing major that concerns me for the next match.”


About his match vs Roger Federer: “Roger and I played many times. He’s one of my greatest rivals. He’s one of the people that actually made me a better player, as well. In the matches against him, I went through a lot of different emotions and things that allowed me to understand what I need to do to become a better player and to win against him and win Grand Slam trophies. He’s so good and so consistent, we shouldn’t spend too much words about him. We all know how good he is. He’s the greatest ever. There’s not enough praises for what he does.
But this is where he loves to play. This is where he plays his best tennis, I think. The Centre Court of Wimbledon, seven titles. It’s his court. He loves it. He usually rises up to the occasion. He’s always playing his toughest when it matters the most. That’s why he’s a big champion. If I get to play him, it’s going to be probably the biggest challenge I can have. Andy, on the other hand, is also somebody that loves playing on this court, especially the last couple years with winning his first Wimbledon, having the crowd on his side. He loves that. He enjoys the fact that he can be a home crowd hero, a player that everybody supports.
It’s a lot of pressure, as well. We have to understand that. It’s not easy for him to play here. But he’s been doing very, very well.”


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