Ballkids affirm: “Despite what the british says, Novak Djokovic is one of the kindest player to ball kids.

It seems in this edition of Wimbledon, the british press is decided to target Nole and is generating some controversy twisting his actions. First it was the “issue” about coaching and now they said Nole was rude to a ballgirl from one of his matches.

We know that is far from the truth, so Anais who worked as ballgirl during the last edition of Roland Garros decided to tell to the world his experience as ballgirl and with Nole:

“As you may know, I’ve been a ballgirl during Roland Garros 2015. I’ve been really close to the players for three weeks and I’m now able to share with you my experience and my memories.

At the end of the last week, we had to vote for our favorites male & female tennis players (who was the nicest with us). And you know who finished first? Gael Monfils and… Novak Djokovic. And it’s well deserved, as Gael is a Frenchman and often says ‘merci’, ‘s’il te plaît’ etc. Novak has been one of the kindest player of the tournament. First, on court, he’s always polite and even if he’s concentrated I’ve been told that he has always a nice word as ‘merci’ for the ballkids.

Then, you all probably have seen or heard about it, Nole warmed up with us. Every morning, we’re used to gather, all the 250 ballkids, together in the main path to sing our anthem. We were all waiting to start when suddenly we all looked to the same direction, wondering who has just joined us when we realized it was the world number one, Novak Djokovic! Luckily I was close to him since the beginning and some of my friends allowed me to go even closer. I can tell you that it went totally crazy! All the ballkids were so happy to see him, to be that close to him. Nole was really happy too, he was smiling and I heard him trying something in French but to be honest I didn’t understand one word. We started to chant “Djoko, Djoko, Djoko!” . It was a pure moment of magic. Then we ran until the Suzanne Lenglen and I was just on his left (you can see me on the video)! Finally he took a selfie with all the ballkids J.

I have other example. We have our “rest zone” near the workout ‘center’ and it has a secured access so we can meet a lot of players. Some of my friends met Novak and he high fived them and asked them “ça va?”, a big smile on his face, a couple of times. One of my closest friend there, told me she met Stan Wawrinka who quite naturally told her “Salut ça va?” J (I’d like you to note that Stan is also really nice, saying ‘merci’ almost each time he asks for the towel…).

Finally, I’d like to end with the thing that probably struck me the most. For the final, I was one of the 12 girls who were in the ‘guard of honor’. At the end of the final, Nole was devastated and after showing an immense humility in the defeat, he left the court and while going past us (we were applauding him proudly) he high fived us and told us with, once again, a smile; ‘Merci’. It touched me a lot because he could have left the court without even looking at us but he had this small attention which makes all the difference. Now after having reading this, hopefully people who constantly are spreading hate against Nole can face the truth and treat him as he should be treated; as a great champion with a big heart.”
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