Novak Djokovic have fun at The Boodles Exhibition before Wimbledon

After his mini vacation Novak played his first grass match this season at The Boodles Exhibition at Stone Park versus Richard Gasquet. Nole won this match by On Friday he will play vs Zverev, and these matches will be his only real preparation before Wimbledon.

‘I needed some time off,’ he said. ‘More mentally rather than physically because I played a lot of matches from the beginning of the season. I lost only two and had one of the best starts of the season in my career.
‘There are days when you really need to take some time off and even though I know it could have been useful to play a couple of official matches on grass before Wimbledon, it’s not the first time I’m coming straight into Wimbledon. ‘I’ve regrouped, spent some time with the family, got my thoughts off tennis for a little bit. Now I’m back in my office and hopefully I’ll be able to perform well.’

‘I don’t have much free time for myself nowadays, but you compensate for that by spending time with the baby and the family,’. ‘It’s a completely different life in a positive way. I spend as much time as possible with my wife and my baby. Share the love, share these beautiful moments in life and live every day like a normal person. I understand that I have privileges in life and am able to afford many beautiful things and we do enjoy that, but when I’m at home I do lot of ordinary things; laundry, garbage, cleaning. ‘I bought door handles the other day. They were broken, so I had to buy the new ones.’ Did he don his DIY gear and fit them himself? ‘I got a little help,’ he admitted. ‘Generally these things give me thankfulness and peace and quiet and serenity that you need. Keeping the balance because you are constantly on the move and are surrounded by the people who sacrifice their own lives for you… everything is taken care of wherever you go — the hotel, the flight, the food. ‘Sometimes when you go back home it’s good to keep the equilibrium in life.’
Nole also talked about Boris Becker: ‘He contributes to my game on all surfaces, but especially the grass. He tends to make me come to the net, we talk about the variety, the slice, serving and volleying sometimes. When you have somebody like Boris on your side, things are easier. He won it three times and that’s where he performed his best tennis.’

Like he always does Nole also have a lot of fun :

source:DailyMail ; gettyimages; Reuters; AP; Corbis

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