Novak vs Verdasco match interrupted by marriage proposal

Cheers erupted at the Rod Laver Arena after an unusual disruption of proceedings. TV cameras in the stadium picked out a romantic fan in the crowd who had asked his fiance to marry him during a break after the second set of Novak Djokovic’s third-round match with Fernando Verdasco. The man received not only a ‘yes’, but a massive cheer from the rest of the crowd – and applause from Djokovic himself.

Nole said about this proposal: “Great. Beautiful, very important moment for him and for her. I’m sure he was very happy when she said yes. He didn’t take no for an answer, I’m sure about that.I think it happened maybe once prior to this match in my whole career that somebody proposed. It’s nice to see this.It’s one of these moments you remember forever. Not just for them, but for everybody who was there. They’re going to spend their life together, so I wish them all the best.


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