Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer showed some of their best tennis on IPTL in India

Novak Djokovic is representing UAE Royals on IPTL, and their won the third day in India vs Indian Aces.

Before the official matches started Nole and Roger played a few games with Indian acctress:

Nole also played a part of the doubles match. He entered the court as a substitute for Marin Cilic, which had been a good warm-up for the singles match that followed:

They gave them a teaser by turning up for the doubles. Federer was sporty enough to play both mixed doubles (with Sania) and men’s doubles (with Gael Monfils).

The penultimate set got Federer and Monfils really into the act. Up against Zimonjic and Djokovic, they jumped all over the court, celebrated each winner as if a lot was at stake.

With the match already in the bag for UAE Royals, the moment of the men’s singles showdown finally arrived.

Suddenly the fun part from their game vanished with Federer and Djokovic appearing as intense as they usually are on the professional tour. The chair umpire tried his bit to egg on the crowd further but that did not amuse Djokovic.

The winners came thick and fast from their rackets and at 3-3, there was hardly anything separating the two. It was much like their last six meetings on the tour with both sharing the spoils.

They were reaching out for the ball as if they were not playing in New Delhi, but battling out in New York in their bid to add another Major to their trophy board.

The Swiss great made it 5-4 with another solid hold. He fired four aces to Djokovic’s none. The set had to go to the wire and it did. With the scores locked at 5-5, it was time for the five-minute shoot-out. Djokovic came up with a breathtaking backhand cross court winner on the way to take a 3-2 lead before missing an easy overhead for 3-3.

With two minutes left on the clock it was anyone’s set. Federer eventually won the shoot-out but thanks to one of the many rules IPTL follow, the two played one final game which Djokovic sealed.


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