Nole replied fans question on livestream on Wednesday

Nole on November 28 announced that he was going to make a new round of #Nole4you after a year of not doing any new round and that he was going to reply the questions with more likes and RTs. So on Wednesday evening via Nole’s official Youtube channel, he spent 20 minutes replying a lot of questions.

“Hello to everyone and welcome to Nole4U! This is probably the first Nole4U that we have done and we are doing in a long time. First of all, I want to thank you all for joining me for this little hangout, and as always, I’m going to promise you that I will try to do my best to have as many of these online hangouts with you,” Nole began this little gathering with fans, live from Monte Carlo, where he is spending time with his wife Jelena and their baby son Stefan, ahead of the IPTL exhibition matches in India and UAE.

One of his best answers was the one where a fan asked him to describe #Nolefam in 3 words: strength, love and support.

He also said some of his favourite writers (Branko Copic, Ivo Andric) and movies (Ivko’s Feast, Slumdog Millionaire, Patch Adams).

Here are some reactions from #Nolefam to the #Nole4you chat:


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