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Association for protection and care of animals “Call of” – Sombor

The Association was registered 10 years ago and operates constantly.
The objectives of the association are:
Preventing torture of animals, organization of educational lectures, exhibitions, events, humanitarian actions, dissemination of human ideas about the relationship with animals;
– adopting – giving away abandoned animals through offers-demand or through reception centers registered with the competent authority.
– to register the all of the negative occurrences and procedures related to the inhumane treatment of animals and undertakes the available legal measures in order to prevent such conduct;
-suggests the appropriate institutions to irregularities in the manner of solving the problem of abandoned animals. As well as the treatment and the way in which domestic and other animals breeders, other associations and institutes, with membership breeding animals themselves acquires pecuniary profit;
– Creating financial and other requirements for the organization of reception centers intended for neglected animals until their adoption;
-Honors individuals and legal entities, which have provided financial and other assistance to the Association or have excelled in achieving its objectives;
– Maintains and expands the cooperation with associations that are based on the same principles which contribute realization goals and tasks of of the association.

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