Nole’s birthday project

Hello everybody! Many of you has asked us about this year’s Fan Club project for Novak’s birthday. In the past we have requested videos or messages for Nole and we have made great collections of congratulations and good wishes. However this year we want to celebrate Novak’s birthday by doing something much more meaningful.

As you know us Nole Fam are much more than just a fandom, we are a family and we are amazing when we get together to cheer for Nole, to send him gifts, pictures, messages etc. This time we want you to get together for a Good Cause. On behalf on Novak Djokovic Fan Club and the NoleFam we are collecting donations for a fundation in Serbia called “Zov” its an Association for Protection and Upbringing for Animals, basically what they do is rescue animals from the streets and find them good homes. We know how much Nole loves animals and as we said this year our celebration is to give from our hearts to those who need it the most.

On our webpage there’s a DONATE button that leads you to a paypal account for donations. It does not matter if it’s 1, 10 o 100 dollars all help is needed, also there’s all the information about this organization, (Don’t worry it’s not fake, we´re not going to use the money to buy ouselves a car hahaha) There’s also details of a bank account and donations through Western Union for those of you that can’t use PayPal. If there’s any questions regarding this project you can send us an email to
We’re going to reveal the total amount of our donations on May 22nd 2014.

Please Nolefam, help us to help and celebrate Nole’s birthday with us by helping this beautiful animals that need love and a good family to take care of them.

Thank you very very much in advance.

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