Novak Djokovic Fan Club on Aleksandar Stojanovic ´s show for RTS

A few days ago Alexandar Stojanovic talked about our fan club and our shirts on his show on

He said: “In Argentina there is the biggest Novak’s Fan Club and it was founded by Silvina and Lusiana. They have created as a part of their special campaign the line of specifically tailored Nole t-shirts for all the girls around the globe who love Novak. There are several models/editions depending which country you come from and the universal NovakFanClub model/edition. Price of these t-shirts can be found out if you contact them. The two of them also created “nolefam” abbreviation for Novak Family of Fans.” And he said abbreviation was accepted by Novak Djokovic himself.

You can see the full video of his show here

We are really thankful to him for always be nice with us and mentioned us on his show.

You can see a few of the shirts we did for the event “Djokovic no Rio” thanks to Renata, our Team Leader in Brasil.
And you can see that one of our members,Camila, is really happy with the shirts.

If you want to have one of the Brasil model or one of the others,just send us an email to

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