Novak Djokovic Fan Club with Nole in Rio de Janiero

We want to share with you all about the first event of Nole, that we cover as Fan Club, our members from Brazil, attended the event in our representation, each one with the shirt and the official credentials of our club. In this opportunity we want to give a special mention to our members: Camila who delivered credentials to members that would go to the event, and Renata who also did an excellent job preparing the shirts.

We want to begin to tell the adventure of Camila in the favela “Rocinha”, which incidentally was one of the biggest and dangerous favelas of Brazil, that was Nole’s first event, the opening of the public tennis court. Camila didn’t know exactly how to get there but she decided to go anyway, Her trip was full of unexpected events like taking a moto taxi alone or asking for help to get to the tennis court. During the event, she was very close to Nole so she was able to take many pictures. The most exciting part is after the event, when she had the chance to approach Nole, despite the tight security surrounding him. And she said to him.. “Nole, I have something for you, the credential as an honorary member of our fan club, he smiled and said “Ohh … Obrigado, Obrigado” with what she describes as one of the most beautiful smiles she had ever seen, and that will be unforgettable.

Meanwhile, our member Renata, was in the match between Guga & Nole, and she was very close and could take many nice pictures for the entire event.

Bianca, another member of Brazil, besides being able to go to the match, also went to the hotel where Nole was staying, this is the link where she wrote her story about great experience to meet him. You can read it here.

This was our adventure covering Nole’s visit in Brazil, we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did. We are really happy to see all the things we can accomplish as a team. We took an important step this time, Nole now has his credential of our club , who with a wonderful smile and a thank you in Portuguese, filled us with joy to know that he knows and appreciates what we do for him. We are growing as a family as he says and we hope that more members will join us, be active and all work for the same goal. NOLE

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