Novak Djokovic press conference before ATP World Tour Finals starts on Monday

Novak gave his press conference before the tournament start today:

“It means a lot, for all of us from our team, we are very proud of what we’ve achieved in 2012,”. “It’s definitely not easy ending the year as No. 1 considering the competition that we had this year, and I’m very happy and very proud. This can only serve as a great confidence boost for me for upcoming years.”

“The effects of the long season can influence you both physically and mentally, but this is a very important tournament (…)It’s not expected to be on your top form, especially at this time of year… I definitely want to do well”. “I will find the strength to perform my best. We’ll see if that best will be good enough”
“It’s not an easy task after a long season, but it’s why we’re here – because we appreciate the tournament”

“I’m happy to be sharing this great period for our tennis with many other great competitors”. “This year, men’s tennis has been as equal as it can be”

About Murray: “He’s a Grand Slam winner, he’s a champion… he deserves to be mentioned in that group of top players”. “It’s great to be part of this era, four of us… trying to bring the sport to another level”

About Tsonga: “We always have good battles, tough battles, he is a big server and he is the kind of player that feeds off the energy of the crowd. He played finals here last year. It’s going to be very difficult for both of us.”

Nole will be awarded tomorrow with Nª1 trophy for the second consecutive season.

Source: GameSetNash

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