Novak Djokovic:” I’m ready to play. I want to play. I have been practising and preparing for a good performance.”

Novak Djokovic held a press conference before his first match tomorrow against Michael Berrer at China Open.

He said on attempting to win a third China Open title:

“Unfortunately, I haven’t played here (since) last year because of the injury, so I’m excited. I won this tournament 2009 and 2010.”

“…I really, really want to do well here. I have been playing well.”

“I really look forward to the start of the tournament. I came here a couple of days ago, so I think I’m ready to perform my best.”

On his impressions of China:

“When I came to the hotel, a couple of fans were waiting in front of the hotel with presents, and that’s been the case at practices, as well. I have been getting each day different presents and surprises from the fans and acknowledgements.”

“So I’m very appreciative, and I respect, you know, Chinese tennis fans a lot because they are very passionate. I have enjoyed it. I can’t wait to play my first match tomorrow.”

On taking a three-week break after the US Open final:

“Well, three weeks is a very long gap for tennis players in the season. Yeah, I do have an excitement before tomorrow’s match. I’m ready to play. I want to play. I have been practicing and preparing, you know, for a good performance.”

On dancing to “Gangnam Style” on the court:

“That song is actually very popular. I did dance a couple of days ago with that song. So why not?”

On Nº1 spot at ATP Rankings and Murray,Federer and Nadal:

“It is still open, the No. 1 spot of the world,”. “Obviously I will try to dedicate myself and focus on every tournament that I play. I try not to think about what’s going to happen at the end of the season because there is still more than a few tournaments to go here in Asia and then the indoor season in Europe. Everything is possible, but I will try to not think about calculations, not think about any other players’ results, and just concentrate on my own game.”

“Obviously there is nothing we can predict. It’s an individual sport,”. “A lot of things can affect your career. Obviously staying healthy is a priority for all of us. It’s a very physically demanding sport.”

“At this moment [Roger] Federer, [Rafael] Nadal, Murray, myself, we have been playing really, really well in the past five, six years and grabbing most of the Grand Slam titles. So I think that gives more attention to our sport, the rivalry that we have between each other.”

“Murray I think is playing better than ever. He won his first Grand Slam title. I’m sure he’s going to be one of the contenders to win every Grand Slam he plays in. He definitely has the skill, the quality. But there are many more other players like [Jo-Wilfried] Tsonga, [Tomas] Berdych, [David] Ferrer who can surprise, who can be out there fighting for a trophy.”

Source: ATP World Tour
China Open

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