“After being tired and travelling for long time, it was very nice to see people who appreciated that we are coming” Novak after arrived in Taiwan

Novak Djokovic arrived in Taiwan at 7am and he met a lot of fans there. He posted a pic of that moment in his facebook page . You can see the video of his arrival here

On their first trip to Taiwan. Novak and Almagro promised “do something funny” during the match to thank local fans for the wearm welcome.

They tried to say “I love you” and “I am cute” in mandarin chinese during the press conference.

Novak said he had forgotten all the Chinese phrases he learned on the flight to Taiwan. He said he will be prepared to show his language skills during the match at National Taiwan Sport University in Linkou this Saturday at 14:30.

Nole also sang “Call me maybe” and promised to sing more during his match. He said he might do “Gangnam Style” and he would also love to learn traditional taiwanese songs from the audience. Almagro said he wouldn´t mind dancing when Novak sings during the exhibition match.

He also said: “That’s one of the goals. Of course I want to be number one of the world again. It’s an ambition. It’s possible (by) the end of the year,”. “I try to focus on each tournament individually and see how it goes. I need to play really well because there are so many great players in this moment… so we’ll see.”

Only about half of the available 10000 tickets have been sold. Tennis fans said the reason for this if that the tickets are so expensive.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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