Novak Djokovic: “Right now,I’m 100% focused on the begining of the Olyimpics and my first match with Fognini”

Novak Djokovic talked to the reporters at a Serbian Olympic team press conference today:

“In the past when you win Olympic Games you are considered immortal and you get eternal glory, so I don’t think it has changed much really because that is how much it means to the world of sport and to the athletes,”

“This is the most recognisable sport event in history.”

“I’m am very happy that I have such a great honour to take care of the flag at the opening ceremony.I’m glad we’re all here together as one, I’m glad that we’re a team and I hope we’ll all celebrate together after winning the medals”

About his match in Beijing vs Rafael Nadal where he lost the semi-final and his victory versus James Blake in the play-off to take the bronze:

“It was very emotional”. “Every win and every loss is a lesson for every athlete … you try to get back stronger and learn from every experience that you are in so hopefully I can get at least a step further in this Olympics.”

About his draw in this event:

“Roger, as recent Wimbledon winner, stands probably the best chance to win gold because of his career, success and history … but the Olympic Games are different from any other event.”

“All I think about is who my next rival is.”
“I don’t have an influence on the draw so I never go that far to make my potencial rivals. Right now, I’m 100% focused on the begining of the Olyimpics and my first match with Fognini”

He was asked by the reporters to comment his way to the finals and possible matches against Roddick, Berdych, Murray and Tsonga. Novak said: “I really had no idea they all are in my side of the draw. Thank you for informing me this is not gonna be easy. Joking aside, the first rival is always the most important, I’m always focused on the first next match..about others..there’s so much time after to think about it.”

About serbian team:
“Tennis players are together in the house near Wimbledon. We’re hanging out, we’re practicing. But I’m kinda sad we’re not all together, we’re not that close to the other athletes because the courts are far away from the Olyimpic Village and that would be counter-travel. Anyway we’ll try to spend together as much time as possible.”

Interview with La aficion (Mexico)

Source: Tanjug (Thanks Jovana for the translation); Reuters.

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